Russell White

based in Richmond, VA

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Currently aside from eating tacos and chain-smoking, I'm walking down several paths to facilitate my creative process. Through modifying or circuit bending obsolete video editing equipment, I've created tools for live visual performance and for creating vibrantly saturated texture for video mapping. These tools are displaying a corrupted signal from the modifications I have prescribe. Video footage can also be ran through these tools to corrupt their signal creating a "Glitch" image. Glitch is utilized by me to represent the corrupted data of individual memory. We somewhat time travel through our memories but those memories are never true as the present moment experienced. I've recently began a relationship with technology to theorize the 4th dimension; being a 3rd dimension person i cannot experience 4d time, however through use of video editing or camera tricks I can illustrate representations of that existence, showing past, present, and future in one long snake like motion. Through these filters open the ability to experience time in a more circular fashion opposed to the linear track we as humans are bound to. Lastly, the use of digital animation has opened up virtual worlds and simulations of an almost cold, digital purgatory. I create Tableaus showing a surreal psychedelia of avatars exploring their vibrant, active, yet cold, lonely, and distant prescribed simulations.


Animation and Video Art


After Effects
Mad Mapper
Mold Making


Virginia Commonwealth University

Master of Fine Arts

Richmond, VA · August 2015 – Present

Middle Tennessee State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Murfreesboro, TN · – 12-13-14